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27 October 2008


I picked the last of the green and pinkish tomatoes yesterday; also 4 bunches of celery, some Swiss chard and some lettuce. Just in time, too. Today was a mix of rain and a bit of snow, heavily covered with gray skies. A beautiful contrast to the leaves that are still emitting their golden radiance.

The new typepad isn't too bad when you get used to it. You can customize the default to always load the way you want and then you just have to choose the photo alignment. I always set mine to medium, because then they don't stretch the page and you can always click to make them bigger. If you need help, let me know!

Ooh, they look like little jewels! I'm sure you'll be a wonderful farmer. Let's hope for better weather next year.

Green tomato mincemeat. Add enough spices, apples, raisins, currants and sugar to anything and you'll get something terribly yummy.

firstly - it actually loaded quickly today when usually it takes forever.
and wow, you really should think about farming full-time!!

being a visual kind of gal I love the size of the photos - no problem for me to load on my average type computer - you have reminded me that I need to harvest our green tomatoes - though not so impressive as yours!

Look at your bountiful harvest... ah, tomatoes of all kinds, how I love them.

P.S. Photos took no time at all to load my end...

That is a lovely bunch of tomatoes...you do have a green thumb!

farming is a good thing. there were hardly any good tomatoes here on the east coast this year. climate change or something. very scary.

That's a lot of tomatoes! Hope the green ones will turn green and you're enjoy the fruits of your labour :)

It seems that you are a good farmer. May I know what your secrets are for these? I want to try it also to my garden.

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