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23 May 2008


Years ago, i had a pigeon make a nest in a flowerpot on my apartment balcony in DC. I thought it would be cute to watch her hatch the eggs. I was so, so, so, so wrong. When the babies cracked out, they were the ugliest birds I have ever seen. In the months we waited for them, the balcony accumulated just tons of bird crap. What is the karmic payback for making your maintenance man shovel it up? I haven't forgotten it and I'm sure he hasn't either. Short summary: Go ahead and get rid of them and do it quickly! :)

just the approval i was waiting for... apparently there is no mating season for these creatures either... it is as-soon-as-these-leave-this-nest-we-must-do-it-again-honey.....

i am on my way to the porch with a sling shot and a broom....

wish me luck.

in these economically hard times, perhaps put the pigeons to better use:


or, you could find the guy who's doing this:


either way, contact the stranger, they seem to have the best solutions.


MAybe you could train them to carry messages for you - they might get annoyed at all the work and go love somewhere else!
Here in NYC, where pigeons run(fly) rampant, I've seen people put up plastic owls and beds of upside down nails (sharp end up) to keep them away. They're often referred to as 'rats with wings'.

Get rid of 'em quick. I don't have any good suggestions except possibly a cat. The "rats with wings" comment pretty much sums it up. Nasty birds. Probably those cedar waxwings wouldn't be seen dead with trash like that! They'll probably come on over once you clear out the riffraff! LOL.

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