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22 January 2008


your title reminds me of a t-shirt that one of my teenage daughters male friends was hanging out in, it said: meat is murder - tasty, tasty murder.

Dude, I'm totally jealous: first the sandwiches (I did have a good Reuben in Seattle once, though); then the cupcakes (I'm a fan of the butter cream, especially in large quantities; then the magazine (I totally want to be in a magazine, or at least I think I do). Good job on getting out.

Mmm, meat... Yummy, yummy meat.

I'm thinking that what I could earn working the corner of 7th & Stewart on a Tuesday afternoon wouldn't even buy me a lamb sandwich, let alone a glass of wine to go with it.

We were meant to be - I am a bona fide meat eater. The pig tower is one of those photos, like that National Geographic cover of the Afghani girl. It's that good. Just less haunting. And I am a teensy bit jealous, going out to lunch with Jen. Some day, salumi for three.

Hey Keith! My sandwich was pretty darned good--even if it was cold. All this talk of butter cream frosting and fingers.... I'm missing out, aren't I?!

Congratulations! That's great news, I can't wait to pick up the magazine now :)

Beautiful pics of gorgeous projects. You most certainly are a visually inspiring blog, and it's good that are are recognized as such! And it sounds like you enjoyed a near-perfect meal there.

I was a vegetarian for a few years, but no, it was no good idea... I posted about (non-vegetarian) food today too :) I wish we had fancy cupcakes like that around here, I guess I have to go and get myself some chocolate instead. Congrats on the magazine, that pig tower looks so great!

Kudos on the magazine article! And if I weren't on the refined carb wagon, I'd be salivating.

Look at you! so so talented . . .

I wish I could be living in such a great city with such great options.

Very cool!

MEAT! Yum. The two meats I've had in my life that were the tastiest are also the two that oog me out when I think about them. But no matter how oogy meat makes me feel when I think about it, it tastes heavenly! Bacon ... bacon.

The cupcake website is awesome. Unbelievable. I think I want to move up there. :)

For me, it's not the meat so much as the eggs and cheese. I think I could almost be a vegetarian. But a vegan? No fucking way.

Congrats on your feature in the magazine (I've heard so much about it), your article look fabulous. Mmm...the food photography is just amazingly yummy!

Congrats on the article - it looks fantastic including your fab shots!!
And Yes on the meat ;)

Congrats on these very neat pages, your pig tower deserves such a nice environment, I always loved it!No word from me about meat or cupcakes, I am already and don't think there is much in the fridge...

Thank you for your sharing, your honesty and your heartfelt truths about blogging. I loved your article!

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