• Christmas packages tied up with string
  • Bronze beauty
  • Hoo hoo ho hoo
  • The color of brick
  • Early morning sunrise
  • Getting ready for saturday
  • Dinner
  • A misty walk to wendy's
  • Love, dad
  • Waiting

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08 September 2007


I caught the bug too.. Yours are so very beautiful! I just signed up for the CSA box and I am THRILLED.
More veggies!

wow; I'm impressed. We've been drying the overhaul from our CSA pepper explosion.

You take gorgeous photos - tell me your secret. And ooooh, pretty golden beets.

A fan

nature. preserved. what could be better. the color is amazing. i got your package as you know, hope you got my email. i am very excited. i'll be on it soon.

Looks wonderful. I rediscovered beets this year ... delicious.

Absolutely gloriously beautiful pictures!

I have nominated you for a Nice Matters Award. Check my blog for details :-)

I love how beautiful all the jars look in the sunlight, I'm sure they are delicious too. Well done!

It brings to mind so many lovely memories of home canned food, including Oregon U-pick peaches, which, when properly canned, taste like Real! Fresh! Peaches! in December! But I'm really writing to share this line from folk singer Greg Brown with you:
"Taste a little of the summer, my grandma put it all in jars."
I've actually never canned with grandma, only my aunt and mother, but oh, oh, oh. Thanks for jogging the memories and sharing the lovely photos.

I'm glad to see you back! And with such lovely scrumptious photos.

I haven't seen this Idees but it sounds intrigueing, especially since I've been having my own issues with inspiration lately.

So yummy!

I think I got the all-clear for a Sunday afternoon get-together. Are you still free?

looks yummy, and you'll be so happy when you can crack those open in the dead of winter. i only discovered bread and butter pickles a few years ago, and i love love love them!

Would it be strange to use canned beets as wedding favors? Because the colors here are exactly what I'm looking for! Beautiful.

The colors all look so beautiful. I've been canning from the garden, but getting down to last few. My latest has been tomatoes - there is just something about canning...it's mystical I think!

Wow, this looks like a LOTTA work! Beautiful. Will be appreciated all winter long.

So beautiful! Canning seems to be quite crafty. Working with color and structure.

Yummmmm! A sunny and beautiful photo.

wow! it really is beautiful. I'd love to hear how the chutney turns out. I tried my hand at jelly, and now have 20 jars of runny sauce-like substance. the recipe made WAY more than it said it would, and didn't turn out! I've made jams before successfully, so I imagine chutney's along the same line.

Those canned jars look like canned golden jewels! Delicious, I feel like I could dive in and call it heaven.

I just found my FAVORITE BLOG...
Anyone that puts up pictures of that golden sunshine is my newest and bestest blogger friend.

I LOVE IT...I will be back and back and back.
Last year I did some canning but this year our garden was horrible and even the farmer's market stuff didn't look that great so I didn't do much.

Your stuff is GEORGOUS!!

OK, just so you know I am now stalking you.

:) Bren

Hellooooo. Are you only going to write again once the comments dry up - always leave 'em wanting more. Yeah!

Yum! Looks delicious :)

Hey, knock-knock! I'm with sonya--post, already, will ya?

you must love beets like i love beets! i adore them, and everyone here pretty much despises them. they do look beautiful!

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