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08 June 2007


I laughed, I cried... two thumbs up! The music is perfect, cinematography superb.

What nice cuticles you have!

Is that all there is to it? I bought a fabric button "kit" and it came with two pieces for connecting the bits, but I couldn't get them to stay. Now I see exactly how much fabric can fit in there; I'm going to try it again!

You are so funny. Well done, Steph.

That was wonderful! And the music made me laugh!

indeed, a great tutorial- but I think that your real talent lies in cinematoghaphical emulation... would you consider doing another tutorial in the style of Quentin Tarantino? ;)

2 thumbs up!

awesome!! siskel & ebert would aggree on this one.


You've surpassed yourself, girl. What a thing to wake up to this morning. I love it - it's wonderful. You really are a dark horse. What other talents have you got up your sleeve? BTW loved the way you did it with the music too - WOW.


Sweeeeet! Ha! I loved it.

I must get this on DVD. Funny, wonderful tutorial -- thank you!

great movie! so funny.

THANK YOU! That was great!

So fun! I love it. :)

I've never seen that style of covered button before. I've also never thought to pad them. Thanks for the instructions!

I love this Steph, that's some fabulous editing (it must have taken you ages)! Thank you for sharing.

you rock!!

Awesome!!! thank you...

very nice tutorial, thanks!
lovely music!

Where do you get your metal parts for the buttons and what brand? I want to make sure I start out right, just like you!!

Oh! Yes! I was smiling all the way through that! I LOVED IT! I think you have revolutionized the tutorial world with your cinephile ways. You are amazing! An auteur who can really wield a gluestick.

I just did a covered button tutorial as well..for the feeling stitchy blog. I cover my buttons with needle and thread. The button kit sure does leave a nice finish on the back though, love your buttons!

That is so great. I Love making videos!!!! I love watching yours!!!

Oh, bravo! I haven't been able to watch the video yet, but the still-shot version is fab! You're so clever. How on earth did you manage to get those perfectly steady shots of your own two hands? Wait, those were your hands, weren't they?

i love it!

I will never look at a button the same way again. Such a time consuming detail, and then there is the stiching of the number!
Your tutorial is wonderful, but I'll need your hands too please.

I don't know if I should thank you for such a impressive and cool tutorial or run after you with a stick. Do you know the kind of pressure you put on us girl'!!???! ;-P

Have a great weekend!

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