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  • Bronze beauty
  • Hoo hoo ho hoo
  • The color of brick
  • Early morning sunrise
  • Getting ready for saturday
  • Dinner
  • A misty walk to wendy's
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21 May 2007


Chocolate linen, oh how lovely. Nothing like hanging with the bloggers.

yep, i'm in! love the buttons too!

I've got big plans for next time... primarily being able to get there on time! Also, it's long been a dream of mine to combine a yarn shop, fabric shop, library and pub in one.

Thank you for the lovely gifts. I'm thrilled by the creations of our little group.

I need to get some of that linen for my boys.

Only the finest craftspeople imbibe.

Wish I was there.

I need to get some of that linen for my boys.

Only the finest craftspeople imbibe.

Wish I was there.

how fun! i like the beer and wine idea...i'm a 'winer'! the embroidery looks wonderful on the chocolate brown! i have yet to go check out that store! i have the address written down in my bag, and go through capitol hill all the time!

so beautiful! i love the embroidered picot edge, it's simply lovely.

Steph, stop tempting me with that linen girl!

Seriously though it sounds like you had agreat time and look what you produced. Is there an English equivalent to awesome (I just can't use that word) but that's what it is. Love the picot edge, the linen buttons and the embroidery. Can I come next time and look over your shoulder!!!

Your work is absolutely amazing, I'm so in awe of your patience in intricate embroidery and, glad you have a lovely time with blogger friends.

Sounds like fun! I love those buttons, and that linen link is tempting!

It was such fun and, like Blair mentioned I feel like we just got started... I was in awe of your beautiful gift there but now I really know that everything you create is equally amazing. I'm so glad we were able to meet and, yes, I'm interested!

how lovely - and lucky them for receiving some of your beautiful handmade work!

love that linen thread but sometimes hard to handle. the buttons are great little treasures. i sent you a flickr mail did you get it?

Oh, those buttons are so sweet! And the picot edge... I'm going to have to learn how to do that.

It was great to meet you! So glad you enjoyed it. We must do it again soon, and wine sounds fab to me! Love the buttons and pouch. Thanks so much.

ohhh... beautiful! your embroidery is such an inspiration stephanie. i tried my hand at a bit this weekend and was thinking of you.
love the buttons and the little bags... that edging is lovely.

Sounds like fun. I love Stitches.

Sounds like a lovely time!

I'm so glad you linked to Grey Line Linen. I've been trying to find linen FOREVER and I love the color selection they have.


And those buttons are WONDERFUL!!!

Love the picot edging and buttons. They could transform a garment into something spectacular.

What a great venue to meet friends.

These are great! Did you use a button making kit or how did you assemble them?

Your work is gorgeous, and the linen you chose is also. Do you remember what weight linen that is? It's hard for me to tell on the website which of theirs would be best for embroidery. Thank you!

Sounds like a blast. Weird that we both had bloggy meetups so close together ... maybe someday we'll have our own bloggy meetup. :)

love the details

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