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11 May 2007


I would have thought it was Philly. We have roaming bands of half-naked chicks all over the city. You'd think that dudes were going extinct out here.

Have a glass of wine for me. :)

Well, don't move to San Jose. You know what they say about finding a guy here, (since there are tons of single techie ones...) "The odds are good, but the goods are odd".

i'm wondering what the hell the point of that article was...

Why am I not a bit surprised? My problem is that if I move to some small burg in upstate New York, it will become the new capital of women living alone. Happens every time.

Brookdale is the place for you if you prefer the great unwashed. I think there are a ton of single male parolees out here..

weird. i wonder why? i am going to assume good things like really great equal pay for women, healthcare, and affordable housing that makes it easier for people to be single! maybe? hmmm.

Yeesh... Please don't move!

I was married when I lived there. I don't know. But I am kinda stumped as to the point of it too. I love Seattle, may be because of all the collages there too. They have some great schools.

Amisha, I think you're two for three -- housing here is massively unaffordable, but we have very strong women's rights. And I think women here feel comfortable being on their own and have chosen to live alone, and that it's not (generally) looked upon as a negative. I loved living alone; my partner Seth is the only roommate I've ever enjoyed living with.

Women alone is fine with me. Hee hee... Can I have another glass of wine too???

Just here to second what Daphne said. The title I saw (I'm assuming for the same article) said that women find themselves shut out of *buying* homes, which are only affordable to couples and better-paid men.

I live alone at the moment and have never felt uncomfortable doing so. I think there's at least 2 other women living alone on my floor. You couldn't pay me to room with someone, not at my age.

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