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28 May 2007


I can't believe that I am the first to see this. It is so great. I be I know who will be learning their ABCs with this quilt!

What a wonderful idea!


i cannot believe you just whipped that up (no pun intended) over the weekend!
you are the embroidery queen *bowing and scraping*

How wonderful! I particularly like the way the circles are joined.

Fantastic quilt - I love all of it - what a great job.

Beautiful! I'm so impressed!

I wish I could embroider like that!!! So pretty!!!

how lovely!!!! love all of the details...

this is amazing...so unique and creative! i love it...

p.s. die cutter? where on earth did you find that? so cool...

And then the sun came out so you could take photos... perfect. It's lovely!

wow! i love this. you continue to amaze me with your fantastic ideas!

do tell about the die cutter, is it one of those frisk ones for scrapbooking?

Awesome! That is just fantastic.

Wow, that is really unique and lovely

Totally satisfying; great design. I love that it is so floaty, without a backing. The alphabet stands out even more so like that.

This is really great. The attention to detail is so lovely. Totally original. The colors remind me of little valentine hearts and I want to eat them up.

I love your projects, they are always so unique and beautiful! I am in awe of your perfect stitching as always.

This is so darn clever. Love it.

absolutely beautiful. when i first saw the top photo i thought that the letters were stamped... in the closeup realized they were embroidered... wow. your work is amazing! so delicate and perfect. and i love the design.

So very cool- and unique! I wanted to share the new Group I created at Flickr called: Doll Quilt CrAzY! and invite you to join! And Please post pictures of your lovely doll quilt. I am also starting another Doll Quilt Challenge Group- with Monthly Themes and Challenges to learn something new or try something different. This is a beauty! Kim

I love it!!!!

This is beautiful! And the light and reflections of the glass table in the photos are lovely!

That is darn clever of you--a quilt that's not a quilt. Such a fresh way of looking at the shapes and designs. All those pink circles look like candies to me. Mmm...

So beautiful! What a great idea! (I need one of those die cutters...)

So very simple and sweet - they actually look sweet, like sweet tarts.

wonderful - such a great take on the doll's quilt theme.

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