• Christmas packages tied up with string
  • Bronze beauty
  • Hoo hoo ho hoo
  • The color of brick
  • Early morning sunrise
  • Getting ready for saturday
  • Dinner
  • A misty walk to wendy's
  • Love, dad
  • Waiting

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16 March 2007


Not entirely gratuitous. It is, after all, the year of the pig. :)

How adorable, I love the bright colours and wonderful flower pattern! Isn't Mexican art lovely? So glad you kept this.

How lovely that piggie is so full of good memories it doesn't need any stuffing. How sweet is that little peanut, she is absolutely gorgeous, obviously she gets those looks from her Auntie. Have a great weekend.

I am in love with that pig. Truly I am. Such a grumpy one, in contrast with all the cheery flowers.

A long bellied cheerful orange pig indeed.
see you, g

I love this pig. My favorite part is the green eyebrow-mustache. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be the snout outline ... but every time I see it, I see a mustache that is somehow growing into eyebrows (or vice versa).

My mom made us quilts from those patterns when I was a kid.

mine had a bird, a cat and a mouse. The over all quilt was a tree with calico leaves and the out line stitched in yarn. As a single mom, I have no idea how she ever did it.

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