• Christmas packages tied up with string
  • Bronze beauty
  • Hoo hoo ho hoo
  • The color of brick
  • Early morning sunrise
  • Getting ready for saturday
  • Dinner
  • A misty walk to wendy's
  • Love, dad
  • Waiting

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29 June 2008


My baby is so beautiful! And she is not a slut... she can't help it, it's in her genes. Sounds like you are having fun together. Hope you have a nice few days off... or did I mess up the schedule for that too? Lol
I'll call you soon.

How can we keep them down on the farm once they've seen Paree?

I AM a cat person. but a dog finally got me. You must be very busy but he has his pics on my Flickr.
Oh.. and I even can get him to mind me sometimes. That is something a cat will hardly ever do.

But his schedule ....wow. I won't ever complain about letting the cats out again!

I am not sure which was more amusing this post or the one after it!! Thanks for the laughs, who knew so many different planes saunter around in the skys.

Poor Tom he needs to learn when its okay to come courtin'.

That last picture is so pretty! Sounds like you have your hands full with this one!!!

Oh, please, do not let your cats run loose outside. For all the mice and rats they catch, they catch as many songbirds. Cats can decimate native songbird populations. Each year cats kill hundreds of millions of migratory songbirds.

Okay, taking care of a cat box can be a little onerous, but how hard is it really to toss down a little dry food?

And then there's the danger to the cats, from traffic, other roaming animals, etc.

I love cats so this is a hot topic for me. My cats have always lived exclusively indoors.

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