• Christmas packages tied up with string
  • Bronze beauty
  • Hoo hoo ho hoo
  • The color of brick
  • Early morning sunrise
  • Getting ready for saturday
  • Dinner
  • A misty walk to wendy's
  • Love, dad
  • Waiting

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28 January 2008


Very lovely; the blues and the patterns you've captured are inspirational.

i like the word promise used here. and the way those bits of snow cling to the chain link fence.

Beautiful pictures!!! I miss the snow.

beautiful walk in the snow Steph! I love the patterns in the fence and tree.
There is even talk of snow here tonight - i hope so - the girls have never seen it before. xxx

beautiful stephanie!!

gorgeous photos.

Those top photos are just stunning, I thought they were paintings as I was scrolling down. I am praying for some snow. Do you still make your pigs?

I also like the word "promise". How we see things just depends on our points of view, doesn't it. Promise or threat? Challenge or struggle? Opportunity or chore?
Food for thought.

Your photo's are stunning, especially the rose.

I favorite the top photo a million times!

these images are so beautiful... i am dreaming of snow.

The photos of rose hips and a lonely snow covered rose look so much like Kansas cotton in pre and post harvest form. Wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing .

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