• Christmas packages tied up with string
  • Bronze beauty
  • Hoo hoo ho hoo
  • The color of brick
  • Early morning sunrise
  • Getting ready for saturday
  • Dinner
  • A misty walk to wendy's
  • Love, dad
  • Waiting

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12 March 2007


Hello! I enjoy your blog. The big photos are terrific. I didn't have to adjust anything on my end. The print is a little small -- if you don't want to make it bigger, maybe you could increase the contrast between the print and the background? That should help 40+ eyes like mine. Thanks for sharing your world.

Okay, I love the look and feel here. I love the larger pictures. And yes, a larger font would be amazing for practical viewing purposes. Although, since I am like you, I like certain looks and have a hrd time changing.. .yes it looks amazing here. Yes it would be easier to ready larger type. Hmm, decisions....I am sure whatever you do will be amazing!!!xxo, Vanessa

Larger font is easier to read. I read that when reading on the computer the print should be larger and darker since reading online (light base)is not like reading a book (solid base.) Does that make sense?

I really enjoy your blog, but I agree that bigger font would be a big help. I also like the big photos, but the mid size worked great as well. On my blog I think I have about the same size as what you used to have. Happy Blogiversary, by the way!

font size fine.

Takes a while to get the templates worked out on typepad, it's quite idiosyncratic, but once you do, it's a breeze....

Love that photo, by the way.

wow new look: love it
wow great pictures: love them
wow your blog: love it
a bit repetitive but true
bye, manela

I like the bigger pictures. The text is a little small, so maybe a tiny increase wouldn't hurt.

i like the bigger pictures but like the font as it is..not too big..then it becomes clumsy i think.


I love this bigger size. I have to admit I would like bigger font because this cast off lap top I have is a high res screen and your font is titchy tiny. But just do what you like best. Fab photos.

You could probably skip the larger font if you went for more contrast between type color and background. Your photos seem fine, too big you run into bandwidth issues, unless you are using flickr. One quick change - me on your sidebar. Oh, how I blush. But seriously, the 'K' section is seriously under-represented.

I agree with the increased contrast and/or slight bigger size. But it never would have entered my conscious thought if you hadn't asked.
And I love your photos so much that it aches.

I love the bigger pictures. Your photography is really inspiring and it is great to see it Bigger.
I love the calm feel of the tone on tone background/ font but a bigger size might be helpful..

liking the bigger pictures. all else is ok with me. and these last pictures are so soothing!

i like your blog too! i think a little bigger text would be good, and maybe a little darker for more contrast...me too, with old eyes! ;] but the look is great! must be a spring-time thing...lots of blogs are changing lately! me too, i changed mine...went pink!

What a beautiful test! I love the big pictures. Please keep em coming...
Oh, by the way, usually if I find text a wee bit small I hit the control key and the + key on my keyboard to make it bigger. Though I have never had to do it reading your blog...It's fine for me.

I love the bigger photo, the text looks okay over here but every computer's screen resolution is different, so I guess go for the majority's vote.

LOVE the photos. If you keep the same font its okay by me because the overall feel is lovely. I have to say that after seeing "Fern" at your Etsy store I am in love...

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