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04 February 2007


yes - the mucus thing is beyond gross. and i think more than one company does it. i don't understand that one bit.

p.s. what's next? animated vomit? or worse....

I totally thought antonio banderas is the bee voice, too.

What? Wikipedia says he IS the bee, doesn't it?? I thought so too.

Oh who cares, I can stare at that wiki photo of Antonio Banderas all day :)

And here I thought it was Ricardo Montalban. I guess it falls under the catagory "evocative of..."

i totally knew it was antonio! i adore him...if you like to look at antonio, here is a website with pretty pictures! :]http://www.antoniobanderasfans.com/abmain.htm

I am SO glad that I'm not the only one that thinks it's revolting...you made me laugh! Oh and that bee drives me nuts...my husband always teases me and says "naaasonex" in that voice. ugh.

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