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23 January 2007



wow, shoes are very hard to do, you have great drawing skill. but i suspected as much.

I'm glad you said that, 'cause yeah you can draw. The wobbly thread is my favorite!

I went and checked out your series of sketches, and now I see Chet and the chair in your photograph! I think you are very skilled, and I'm surprised that you weren't singled-out and praised for this as you were growing up.

Girl can draw...

Wow - I turn my head for a minute and miss so much over here! Love the pigs, love the amazing pouches - they look so very well finished, and with such lovely prints.

Of course, the drawing exercises are really the best - sounds like you have a great class and I really love the gallery of pictures and notes. It's encouraging even to me (who draw a shoe that is recognizable as such), and I bet it's already fun for you to see your own comments.

WOW!! You are really very talented!! Good for you for "putting yourself out there". :)

Wow! That looks great! And what is it about drawing class and shoes? I remember having to draw shoes from every possible angle.

Very nice drawings, it is a wonderful exercise to try to draw once a day. I have shells from our trip to Mexico that I pull out and draw.

your drawings are really very good...you have a great eye for detail! i guess being a designer you would have to!

Of course you can draw! I don't think the rest of us ever had any doubt. I seriously doubt that you could make the gorgeous creatures you make without any drawing ability whatsoever--it had to be just a matter of putting yourself out there.

i'm so impressed and inspired by your willingness to take this on and bravery in posting your work... it is really amazing and the drawings look great! drawing is something i have a lot of fear + issues about too, and i've been looking for a class... we'll see!

Okay Misses, what other tricks do you have up your sleeve?!!

Yeah! You definitely can draw. So much to do with confidence and seeing. Well done.

You can draw, you can!!!I think I missed a few days, must go poke around... How enchanting your place is....

Can you draw me a pair of very high heeled strappy sandals and then make them for me please.

This is funny. I JUST posted about my drawing class on my blog. Nice to read about someone else's experiences. It's a mix of pain, embarrassment, hard work and a tiny bit of enjoyment!

Love the shoe!

there is nothing like putting yourself out there...and if you have the time (because i know you really have nothing else to do), i´´ll take a pair of those strappy heels you are making for wendy. :)

You might enjoy this group I'm a part of http://groups.yahoo.com/group/everydaymatters/
Very supportive and a drawing idea each week.
I have a drawing blog here too http://drawdaily.blogspot.com/
I'm lovin your blog!

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