• Christmas packages tied up with string
  • Bronze beauty
  • Hoo hoo ho hoo
  • The color of brick
  • Early morning sunrise
  • Getting ready for saturday
  • Dinner
  • A misty walk to wendy's
  • Love, dad
  • Waiting

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14 January 2007


You're right, these things do come in three's, so now you're done! I hate breaking things like that, especially after you invest something of yourself in them, in a way.

Yikes! Hope it's over...

i can totally sympathize! i am notorious at my house for dish/glassware breakage. sorry about the owies that came with, too! maybe it fills your 'breakage quota' for the entire of 2007!

I go through phases of breaking things and tripping too. That and not finding things. It always upsets me when they come on, but they eventually go away. I hope that you are alright with all of your injuries.

I'm glad you weren't cut or anything. I laughed out loud when I read "sack of rocks." :) And, hopefully, I'm laughing with you.

It's a good thing you're so sophisticated! No more falling or breaking, OK?

If it is any consolation, in France they say bad luck happens in sets of three.

i know this isnt supposed to be funny and i hope youre feeling less sore now but i LOVE the way you write your stories..they are so honest and funny!!! xxx

is it only the truly precious ones we break or is it just that those make the biggest impression when they are gone?


Upssss! I hope you are alright now and the bad luck is behind you back.
These things always happen that way...how do you say?...it never rains it pours? (gosh! I need to study my english proverbs)...

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