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09 January 2007


i know the fear that can strike when faced with large blank paper. and drawing is one of those things that exposes the soul but you not being able to draw, huh! i don't beleive it for a second!

i spelt 'believe' wrong, ahhh!

i spelt 'believe' wrong, ahhh!

Ooh, have fun!

I'm just like you. I don't feel like I can draw at all. It totally killed me to draw the Octophrost postcard. I kept deciding (more than once) that I wouldn't include it. I would have rather spent a week creating photo vignettes for the postcard than a couple hours to draw it.

In the end, though, I like the postcard and think it's cute. I'm just freaked because it's uncharted water for me and new stuff always drains me of confidence.

I read the drawing post you referenced, and I thought your drawings looked great. :)

you can do this!!!!

Nonsense! onward, with all you creativity on full blast.

good for you for signing up for your class! i've actually been thinking lately that it's been so long since i've done any pencil drawings. i used to enjoy it so much. but i think now that it's been a while, i would definitely agree that 18 x 24 is a large space to fill. hope you have fun!

Newsprint is such a good paper to begin with, to conquer those blank page fears. There's nothing like using a paper you are not too precious with to get you started. Brown paper, whilst not archival, is a good place to start to. A little less daunting. Happy drawing!
see you, g

Great! I am very happy to see you are taking drawing classes.
I know exactly what you feel about a blank page, but don't worry...just practice :)

Hope you overcome your fear of drawing, I'm sure you will do fine. There's no right and wrong in art after all. Everyone has an individual style.

Are you there now? How did it go? relax, you will be fine!! xxx

you will love it! I had this kind of classes too and I learned some stuff I never thought I could ever do... Will you post your drawings? hope so... a blank sheet is the door to the unlimited world of anything... good work!
bye, manela

I am looking forward to seeing your first post of the drawing you did in your class. Good for you I know that you can do IT!

sometimes it's those things we think we CAN'T do that in the end, the result is that which surprise us the most. you are CLEARLY an artist Steph, and that step into a new medium although uncomfortable, will challenge you on so many levels that i'm sure you will just grow all the more...i for one am excited to see what you do.

i'm sure it will be wonderful just as soon as you ease into it. remember you are doing this for you and not anyone else, so enjoy the 'you' time.

and i love the colors in that photo!

Oh good luck, enjoy!

I'm a reluctant draw-er, too. I can manage teeny tiny things usually, but agree that 18 x 24 seems vast. I'd be in there with a fineliner drawing ants or something. But - I have finally come 'round to colour, so Big should be just as possible. LOVE those pods.

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